Songs for Change
Song for change is an evolution created to inspire and connect the world with the knot of music. This is an invitation to songwriters old and new to put into words and music their observations of what’s going on in the present world, this idea came from the common belief that music has the power to break down the wall and overcome the distance between people. To write songs that reflect people emotions and times, indeed songs this produces power to change the world. This website is a gathering of writers to submit their songs, and listening to others created songs and discuss the music and technologies they have used and all are communicated in those forums. It is a virtual community for songwriters, people who addicted to songwriting as well as hearing can join the hands with the song for change website explores the variety of things with friends. So write and submit the song to the website and listen to what others have sent in. In this website, people can surf hundred topical songs from all over the world. A topical song is a song that describes political or social events. These types of songs are usually based on current issues and events, but some of these songs remain popular long after the events discussed in them have occurred. The viewer can download these songs and lyrics with a simple click on the songs. In songs for change compact disk named not in our name has released a compilation album of songs about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's called Not in Our Name and comprises of songs by Roy Bailey, Rory McLeod, how to clone website script, Mark Erelli, Dick Gaughan, Eliza Gilkyson, Robb Johnson, David Ferrard, Jose, Jez Lowe, Amy Martin, Emmas Revolution, Jim Page, Leon Rosselson, and David Rovics and Seize the Day. The songs by Amy Martin and Jose were submitted to the Songs for Change competition in 2006 and as winners, they feature on the album. That CD is available for purchase over this website. The musical journey resulted in the award functions.
If a person really deserves this song passion this site makes the magic and it introduces that person to astonishing growth level. Creating songs not only for entertainment purpose it should some message too, that type of songs are approached here, that why all the people explore those songs. In this site people from different cultures and countries but music is one language .this site united the many of the greatest musicians and forms the sound for the change. Language songs around the world it spreads music everywhere so no need of that language only music describes the song genre. The real measure of many movements is what it gives back to people. “Song for change “is fascinating music world. That is purely for music addicts and writing lovers. No matter if the person comes from the different country is who that person is, all are united through music. Support this step by becoming a Member, and together they will make the world a better place. To support this project many artists gives their hand. Those persons are Odetta, Eliza Gilkyson, Roy Bailey, Robb Johnson, Karine Polwart, Rory McLeod, Carol Laula, Jez Lowe, David Rovics, and Alistair Hulett. They also perform and explore the library of original videos, and experience the song for change live online. This is a community people can find musician-and songwriter community, that clearly features such space for the enhancement of music. In this people can explore other creative talents on open or private music projects. Additionally, people can market their tracks in song for the change. This is a multimedia site in this music projects can consist of more than audio tracks with different instruments or vocals. People can also add a music video or an online entered captions track to a music project. Music lovers can publish their song lyrics and of course, they can add an image that matches that song. The complex system of the song for change is to assemble single track of respective track selection to a song or multimedia –composing that delivers to a worldwide audience to download options. The folks who are interested in music can buy and they use them for each and every conceivable purpose, it can be anything in a TV commercial including a business presentation, or a film. In this song for the change, people can get catchy rap to highly poetic verse. If a person is looking for music production, then he/ she can approach the advertising company or composer; in need of amazing lyrics song for change is a right place to help them in the correct manner. Even collaboration projects also placed and people can join those music artists and d explores the new one. Songs for change is unstoppable as a group of musicians. They offer one-on-one collaboration between songwriter and viewer. The teams of seasoned studio professional mixed and give each and every song and final output is always special. People can get depth information about favorite albums, musicians, and songs, reviews of upcoming and classic albums include new releases, then the ratings and picks of the recommended albums and songs within artist’s discography or tracks on an album. Sound samples and streaming links to listen to music and also personalized recommendations for songs.