Songs are relaxation as well as entertainment and sometimes it shows culture and emotions. This protest song is something different that is mingled with a movement for social change and this will be included in a topical song also that means songs that link to current situations or events. These songs may be folk, classical or commercial in the genre. These types of songs are frequently situation oriented and joining hands with social movement through scripts. There is very few protest song is created but they reached a huge success, that is The artist Bob Dylan, composed this protest song and sung ‘Hurricane’ he is a professional boxer in jail for a murder he claimed he didn’t commit when he aware of Rubin hurricane carter. The credence Clearwater revival’s “fortunate son” is an old protest song. The singer rage was sung “killing in the name” produced the unique fusion of rap and rock, this song is about racism, police brutality and defiance. When various dimension the protest songs are created and the soul music is given by the resource peoples. One feminist unknown lady gave the song that is named “rights for Women in 1975, in the base tone of “God save the king” that is published in Philadelphia Minerva.